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by Gideon Marcus

I've been thundering against the new tack Editor Avram Davidson has taken The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction for several months now, so much so that I didn't even save what used to be my favorite magazine for last this month.

So imagine my pleasant surprise when, in synchronicity with the sun reaching its annual zenith, the July edition also returns to remembered heights. Of course, Davidson's editorial prefaces are still lousy, being at once too obvious in describing the contents of the proceeding story, and at the same time, obtuse beyond enjoyment. If there's anything on which I pin the exceeding quality of this issue, it's the unusual abundance of woman authors. It's been a long time, and their absence has been keenly marked (at least by me). For the most part, the fellas aren't too bad either. Take a look:

(see the rest at Galactic Journey!)
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  • i knit a dog toy out of fancy pencil roving. i am happy about how pretty the colors are (it's why i bought the roving originally) and i'm happy anticipating the fun times i'll have with Leela. i'm also pleased that i was able to get over myself and use the roving instead of hoarding it against some "more worthy" project.

  • i gave some AU Marvel/AU Potterverse crossover fanfic a try, and it was delightful. someone in my circle recommended it, and i left it unread in an open tab for days. thanks! Every Little Thing He Does Is, featuring Steve Rogers the auror, adventure, fixit for the Wizarding world in the US, lots of Marvel nerdery, and a sweet PG romance.

  • if you are an American woman of a certain age, Oprah Winfrey is a presence in your life (whether you want her there or not). The Oprah Winfrey show is thirty years old now, and WBEZ Chicago did an excellent series of podcasts about the show and its impact on American culture. it was completely absorbing on a day when i really needed to get my brain to shut up. Making Oprah

  • this rare SFW Oglaf comic

  • i've been reading Code Name Verity to C before bed. he's well and truly hooked, and he's caught on to spoilery things well before i did when i read it. it's such a pleasure listening to him try to puzzle it out.
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    Whether because of the heat or my period, I got almost no sleep last night and what sleep I did get was full of incredibly unpleasant nightmares of the kind that do not even make good stories: someone poisoned our cats, I was accused of blood libel and it was taken seriously as a criminal charge, I went to an amusement park and there was a terrible accident and people around me died. Literally the first piece of news I saw when I checked Facebook to see whether the planet had exploded while I was asleep was this story about Jewish pride flags being equated with support for Israel and removed from a Pride event in Chicago. At least I know Autolycus and Hestia are alive and well because I woke up with one of them walking back and forth across my face and the other mewing clearly that no one had fed her in the history of ever. [personal profile] spatch tells me the Coney Island Cyclone is turning ninety, so that's nice. The rest of my afternoon is supposed to be highly social; I'll settle for no nightmares, I hope.

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    Jun. 25th, 2017 02:15 pm
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    I have never read Dhalgren or indeed any Samuel R. Delaney. However, as of yesterday I have at least had a Dhalgren Experience, thanks to [personal profile] aamcnamara, who turned up a local theatrical-dance-music-light-'architectural puppetry' performance of something called Dhalgren: Sunrise this weekend.

    Dhalgren: Sunrise is comprised of bits of text from what I assume is Dhalgren the book, accompanied by dance, light, and music, almost all of it improvised. Also, some of the music was performed on imaginary instruments. "That must be a theremin!" I thought brightly to myself on seeing one of the instruments, mostly because I don't know what a theremin looks like and therefore I assume that any instrument I don't recognize is a theremin. But it turns out it was not a theremin, because there was a credit in the program for 'invented instruments,' though I don't know whether the one I saw was the Diddly Bow, the Bass Llamelophone, or the Autospring.

    Anyway, so my new understanding of Dhalgren is that it is about a city in which Weird, Fraught and Inexplicable Things Are Happening. This is not a very thorough understanding, but it's still more of an understanding than I had before. The show is composed of seven scene-vignettes:

    Prelude: A brief reading of [what I assume to be] the book's introduction.

    Orchid: Three women dance on a bridge and a man acquires a prosthetic hand-weapon-implement. The director at the end gave special thanks to the dude who made it, understandably so, because it very effectively exuded Aura of Sinister!

    Scorpions: Gang members dance and fight in front of a building? Alien gang members? Just aliens? Anyway, some entities wrapped in glowing lights have a dance fight in front of a building; the text is from the point of view of a worried inhabitant of the building who Has Concerns.

    Moons: The moon has a new secondary moon friend named George. The dancing in this section was one of my favorite bits -- the Moon did some amazing things with her light-strung hula hoop. [personal profile] aamcnamara pointed out later that the narration in this bit, which featured a wry and dubious radio announcer, seemed like a perhaps-intentional echo of Welcome to Night Vale. I have never actually listened to Welcome to Night Vale, but from my cultural osmosis knowledge this seems about right.

    Fire: The light show took front and center in this bit about everything being on fire and also, simultaneously, not on fire. The maintenance man doing the narration is very plaintive about all of this. There may also have been dancing in this bit but I don't remember what anyone was doing.

    Sex: The guy with the sinister prosthesis has an intimate encounter with two other people inside a blanket fort. I always like the blanket-fort method of showing sex onstage, it hints appropriately while allowing actors not to have to do anything they're uncomfortable with. At some point in this process the sinister prosthesis is removed for the first time, which I expect symbolizes something about human connection.

    Sunrise: The characters who have previously just had sex emerge from the building and now seem to have a difference of opinion about whether the sunrise is just normal, or whether the earth is actually falling into the sun. Eventually all the characters are onstage being distressed, along with the music and the lighting -- again, really cool light effects here, especially the final overwhelming projection of light followed by and darkness.

    It's a one-hour show without intermission, which we all agreed afterwards was for the best; the deeply weird mood and atmosphere would have been difficult to slip back into if one could get up in the middle to go to the bathroom. For those of you who have actually read Dhalgren, I will leave you with [personal profile] aamcnamara's sum-up: "It was a strange experience, but honestly could have been stranger."

    Why My Wife is Amazing, Part 73,592

    Jun. 25th, 2017 04:05 pm
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    Posted by John Scalzi

    Conversation between me and Krissy yesterday:

    Me: With all this bullshit around health care, and the possibility of pre-existing conditions and insurance caps coming back, we should probably look into supplemental insurance.

    Krissy: I got us supplemental insurance years ago.

    Me: You did?

    Krissy: Yes. I even have policies for very specific things.

    Me: Like what?

    Krissy: I have an insurance policy on your hands.

    Me: My hands?

    Krissy: You’re a writer. You use your hands. If something happens to your hands, it’s a problem. We’ll need to pay for someone for you to dictate to.

    Me: You’ve insured my hands.

    Krissy: Yes.

    Me: I’m not going to lie. That’s literally the sexiest thing you’ve said to me this whole damn month.

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    In which Ben falls.

    Disclaimer: I own nothing.

    Ben took Snoke's hand and grasped it. )

    Sun, Jun. 25 Electoral Vote Predictor

    Jun. 25th, 2017 06:00 am
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    Anthony Kennedy Is Considering Retirement

    CNN is reporting that sources close to 80-year-old Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy are saying that Kennedy is mulling retirement, possibly even this year. Kennedy is the swing justice on many cases that pit the Court's four liberals against the four conservatives. In this respect, Kennedy has more influence on public policy than anyone except the president. And, given the general ineffectiveness of the current president, not to mention the fact that SCOTUS decisions can echo for decades (or more), he may actually have more influence.

    Click here for full story

    The Blood is the Life for 25-06-2017

    Jun. 25th, 2017 11:00 am
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    Family Business

    Jun. 24th, 2017 09:25 pm
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    Today, Lisa and I drove over 400 miles from Fernley to Marysville to Sacramento and then home.

    Summer Arrives at Donner Summit )

    We went to Marysville to check out some specialty shops there. As it happens, we did not have family business there for a change, so we headed straight south to Sacramento, where we returned an item to Fry's Electronics there that we'd purchased in Fremont last weekend and then bought what we should have gotten in the first place.

    After a stop for lunch, we continued looking for a shirt for which Lisa has been hunting, but along the way were waylaid by a British Foods Store in North Highlands, which had some lamb hot pot mix that we can no longer get from the source in Reno where we used to buy it.

    With the shopping done, we went to visit my sister and the long-term nursing facility. I had some papers for her to sign as I continue to deal with business for her, and also this might be the last time I'm in the area until we get back from Europe in August. Kelli always appreciates these visits.

    We initially had some idea of checking out a few more stores, but both Lisa and I had been up since early this morning (Lisa even earlier than me for a change), and so we headed home to Fernley. Our only stops after that were Colfax to buy me a coffee, and then somewhere around Clipper Gap where Lisa said she was too tired to drive anymore and we swapped (which was why I got the coffee as I knew that was coming). Lisa was able to recline the passenger seat and sleep for most of the final hour we were on the road (substantially from the Nevada state line to Fernley).

    At this time we hope not to have to leave Fernley again until we take off for Westercon on Wednesday afternoon. There's still a lot of work for us to do before now and then, though.
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    Today I received a five-foot-long shed snakeskin as a present and made myself a lobster roll for dinner. [edit: Not with the snakeskin. With some Caesar dressing and a piece of toasted bread, on account of not actually having hot dog buns in the house. The snakeskin is in an appropriately sized plastic tube on top of the bookshelves and will turn into a shadow box as soon as I can back it with some black cloth or paper. Just to be clear.] I am exhausted and appear to have misplaced the brain with which I wanted to write about things tonight, but I have had objectively worse days.

    keeping vigil

    Jun. 24th, 2017 08:08 pm
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    Content Warnings: dying, life and death questions, medical details, family stress, kids

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    Nothing to get hung about

    Jun. 24th, 2017 09:28 pm
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    Nice day, nice weather, sun and wind, great cumulus clouds from a Baroque painting at evening. Tell you, Pride weekends are different than in my youth: though the crowds downtown probably sizzled in the sun, it was a low 70sF sun, not 95 in the shade.

    Walked to coffeehouse and supermarket without excessive twinges. Ate an ice cream cone. Read a Gaiman-edited anthology.

    Last night ate a Juicy Burger at an Annex institution, By the Way, still there after 40 years though the service is at least faster these days. Their Cosmopolitans are larger and cheaper than at my raucous regular, their burgers no more expensive and chips better, and their decor is infinitely preferable to Pauper's patterned carpet and booths and spots TV. By the Way redecorated recently and no longer have the dark wooden tables and chairs that hold some of my happier 90s and oughties memories- as seen here if you click enough- but the mural remains, with its portraits of bygone Toronto celebrities, seen to better advantage here. Afterwards I went and bought Holmes pastiche and Conan Doyle weird tales at BMV and it was all very time-travely to an early part of the decade that we are somehow in the last years of: and when did that happen?

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    Jun. 24th, 2017 05:08 pm
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    Our adventures with Star Wars: The Clone Wars continue! Though, alas, those of many of our clone buddies do not.

    Episodes 11-20 of Season 1 under the cut )
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    So I tried InspiroBot, the random generator of inspirational quotes that is going through my Facebook friendlist like surrealist wildfire. I think I lost:

    As [personal profile] handful_ofdust says encouragingly, "One can try!"

    I've learned that my short story "The Trinitite Golem" (Clockwork Phoenix #5) has received honorable mentions in both Gardner Dozois' The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection and Helen Marshall and Michael Kelly's The Year's Best Weird Fiction, Volume 4, neither of which I was expecting and both of which I am happy about.

    Having been out of touch with Badass of the Week for some years, I am very grateful to have been pointed toward their entry for Joe Beyrle. "I shouldn't have to go around reminding you that 'Nazi Punks Fuck Off' is pretty much the only phrase in recorded history that Captain America, George S. Patton, and The Dead Kennedys have ever completely agreed upon without even the slightest bit of argument—so clearly there has to be something tangible behind that sentiment."

    I don't know what you call this kind of photoset illustration of a piece of poetry, but I really like it.
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    I found out about this via the League of Women Voters. This act, introduced in both the Senate and the House, has the stated purpose "To require States to automatically register eligible voters to vote in elections for Federal office, and for other purposes."

    Among other things, it would automatically register eligible voters via information they provide to various government offices, such as the DMV. A number of states have take this kind of legislation up, and a few have passed it, but it would be wonderful to have this on a federal level, for all states.

    It's S. 1353 in the Senate and H.R. 2876 in the House. Call your reps and ask them to support this act by co-sponsoring it.

    What we're seeing right now in Washington with the AHCA is what happens when the elected officials are not sensitive to the needs of their constituents. To force them to care, we have to make it easier for those constituents to make their voices heard in the voting booth.

    The Broken Edge, Chapter 62: Downfall

    Jun. 24th, 2017 09:27 am
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     Luke arrives on the scene with Alora and things go to hell. 

    Disclaimer: I own nothing. 

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